May 06, 2008

John McCain : I Can Haz Amnesty Now?

Now that John McCain has the nomination locked up, he's willing to admit that his talk of "securing the borders first" was a load of bullshit. Via Captain Ed:

The Arizona senator...seemed to move past his usual “secure the borders first” mantra in favor of calling for, as he put it, “comprehensive immigration reform.”...

“Unless we enact comprehensive immigration reform I don’t think you can take it piecemeal,” he explained Monday, answering a question about providing visas for skilled workers.

Si, se puede.

No, we absolutely CAN "do it piecemeal," Senator. Your buddies running the American sweatshops just don't WANT to, because they're afraid that they might have to raise wages to *GASP* normal levels, thereby cutting into their precious profits.

We're told that our industries are running on the ragged edge, threatened with economic collapse if they have to raise wages. We're told this at the same time we see a constant stream of news reports of RECORD PROFITS in the same industries that employ these workers.

This debate is all about keeping wages and benefits LOW, and keeping corporate profits HIGH.

Don't piss on us and tell us it's raining.

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