May 05, 2008

Taliban Sets Deadline: Stop Shaving Beards

Photo by Regina Pirrie

Howrah Islamabad

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has set a deadline of two months for all males to stop shaving beards in tribal areas. The TTP central Naib Amir (deputy leader) Maulvi Faqir Mohammed and spokesperson Maulvi Umar have warned the people in tribal areas to be careful and avoid shaving beards.

"They have also set a deadline of two months and said that after the deadline period strict action would be taken against the violators," a private television report said.

"They said Taliban give much respect to women and said this is a responsibility of every Muslim that they should follow Islamic principles," the TV report quoted the Taliban leaders as saying.

I think they should use their beards as in the above image. Just would give "much" respect to their women. They can hide behind their beards as the women are required to hide behind the burqas.

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