May 03, 2008

'Secret' Chinese Submarine Base on Hainan Island

The communist Chinese People's Liberation Army is building an underground nuclear submarine base near Sanya on Hainan Island. It is reported to be a "vast, James Bond-style edifice capable of concealing up to 20 nuclear-powered submarines, which will enable China to project its power across the region."

Sub Base Hainan Island.jpg
Sanya Submarine Base, Hainan Island, China
(DigitalGlobe QuickBird satellite images)

Upper right image shows two tunnel entrances to the mountain. Upper left are four moored destroyer-sized warships. Middle left is a ballistic missile submarine, moored. Lower left image was taken in 2005 and it shows construction operations of the entrance to the underground base. Lower right image shows the entrance as of December 2007.

Although military insiders globally are most likely quite familiar with the 'secret' facility, the Chinese government is presumably less than pleased that the existence of the base has been exposed to the public.

Unfortunately, satellite image resolution is too poor to see the crowd of anti-nuclear demonstrators protesting at the entrance to the base. That is, if there were any.

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