April 30, 2008

Barbie Vs. the Mullahs

The idiotic theocrats ruling Iran have identified a new aspect of the Great Satan that chills their blood: Barbie.


From ABC News:

A top Iranian judiciary official warned Monday against the "destructive" cultural and social consequences of importing Barbie dolls and other Western toys.

In the latest salvo in a more than decade-old government campaign against Barbie, Prosecutor General Ghorban Ali Dori Najafabadi said in an official letter to Vice President Parviz Davoudi that the doll and other Western toys are a "danger" that need to be stopped.

"The irregular importation of such toys, which unfortunately arrive through unofficial sources and smuggling, is destructive culturally and a social danger," said the letter, a copy of which was made available to The Associated Press.

Thanks to kb, posting at NYT best-selling author Brad Thor's Reader Forum.

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