April 24, 2008

A New Low for Media Matters

I was going to ignore an attack from the George Soros funded Media Matters on several right-of-center blogs including The Jawa Report, but since I keep getting e-mails from people outraged by it, I feel I must say something.

Why was I going to ignore it? As CJ notes:

Since the Media Matters Eric Boehlert hit piece on “warbloggers” was posted this morning at 9:51 am Pacific, we’ve received exactly 36 hits from people who clicked one of the two links in Boehlert’s article....

George Soros isn’t getting a good return on his Media Matters investment.

I have a feeling that Media Matters is getting a lot more hits from us than we are from them. They really should begin calling themselves "Media Non-Matters".

In any event, the entire hit piece is about as dishonest as you can imagine. I'm not even going to link it. But if you want to read a response, see CJ's post here, but this line about sums it up:

Boehlert concludes by stating that Bilal Hussein was completely innocent of all the allegations against him. Boehlert’s source for this? Bilal Hussein’s AP-funded lawyer.

Now there’s an unbiased source.

As I've said before on numerous occasions, every single AP story about Bilal Hussein relies on internal sources within the AP claiming Hussein is innocent. So, you get an AP story citing Hussein's lawyer, Hussein's editor, and even the President of the AP all making an authoritative claim.

It's circular logic, a resort to authority based on non-authoritative sources, and a violation of all standards of journalistic ethics.

If citing one's own organization as authoritative is now a generally acceptable practice then I have my own scoop: Bilal Hussein had deep connections to al Qaeda. Source? The Jawa Report.

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