April 23, 2008

Confirmed: Fraudulent Polygamy Cult Tipster is Barack Obama Delegate

rozita_swinton_polygamy_arrest.jpgConfirmed: Rozita Swinton, the woman implicated as the hoaxter who placed a fraudulent phone call which led to the roundup of hundreds of children from the Texas polygamy cult ranch, is a Barack Obama delegate to the Colorado state Democratic convention.

Update within the post: Like I said, confirmed. WJACTV:

An affidavit made public Wednesday said a phone number Swinton had used previously was used for a call to a Texas crisis center before authorities conducted the raid and removed more than 400 children.

From the local party's website:

Stacey McCain digs this up:

After the El Paso County Democratic caucuses and convention, she was named one of the 360 delegates to the state convention at the World Arena on May 17, chosen to support Barack Obama.
She's also reported as being politically active, but relatively unknown. Earlier reports said that when Texas Rangers and Colorado State Police searched her home, they found tons of information on the FLDS cult. Apparently, she made the whole story of poor "Sarah" the abused child-bride of a 50 year old man out of sensationalist reports that she had read from anti-cult groups.

Most of those in the comments still defending the raid seem to focus on the allegation that "girls as young as 13 are married and pregnant". One of the FLDS lawyers I keep seeing on TV says that this is patently false, and the claime made by the state is not that there are "13 year olds" but a single allegation that one 13 year old was pregnant 10 years ago.

If that is true would it change your perception that there is some justification for tearing hundreds of kids away from their families based on a search warrant executed on false grounds?

UPDATE: Some reaction to some of the comments.

--VN: First point about much of the info coming from a lawyer for the FLDS, that's a good one. The wording he used though was that this was the state's position, not his own. Since the DA's office isn't commenting, the only other info about this is coming from Nancy Grace.

As to your last accusation/question: hits.

--Janice: What little girls with their pregnant bellies? Again, the Nancy Gracing of the news.

--I think Mensem makes some great points:

In America it wasn't long ago that young women were married. My Pastor (Baptist) married his wife when she was 15 and his wife's mother was married when she was 13! I don't agree with marrying young, but at what point does you disagreeing with someone give you the right to exercise the power of the government to seize their children? ...

One man with several wives (while I don't agree with it) isn't any worse than the 25 year old single mother with 4 children from 3 different men on welfare. In the latter case we give them welfare, food stamps, and bring all the kids presents at Christmas. It just seems messed up to me! If there is a domestic dispute with a woman and her husband- ok, send in a police unit to investigate. Otherwise, leave these people alone.

Exactly. This is why I've long said that statutory rape laws are generally a bad idea. Generally.

As to the more general point that polygamy is illegal, therefore throw the book at these people: Polygamy shouldn't be illegal, it should be extra legal.

That is, polygamy should be in the same category as gay marriage. If you and your gay lover want to go down to the Unitarian church dressed as Darth Vadar and Princess Leah, be my guest (ed note: inside joke, go rent Clerks). When gays marry it's not illegal, it's simply an act not recognized by the state as a valid contract.

Bigamy should remain illegal, but there is an important distinction between bigamy and polygamy. Bigamy is when one spouse marries multiple partners on the sly. Go rent Fletch for an example.

UPDATE II: Welcome Sulli readers.

a) She is a Barrack Obama delegate to the STATE CONVENTION. Nothing "McTruthy" about it.

b) Like all candidates, Obama is supported by a number of nuts, including this one. Candidates cannot pick and choose who their supporters are. It's not his fault.

c) Unlike other candidates, though, there is only one candidate of choice for terrorists and their supporters: Barack Obama. This does not mean Obama is in favor of terrorists, only that his foreign policy stance on Iraq and Palestine is congruent with the interests of terrorists.

Palestinians in Hamas controlled Gaza support Obama.
JubaIAI supports Obama, which shouldn't be surprising given the convergence of the Islamic Army in Iraq with American peace activists for years.
Citizens of the largest state sponsors of terror claim about Obama, "He's with us."

No, Obama doesn't support terror, but terrorists certainly support Obama.

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