April 19, 2008

An Open Letter to the Leftist Elites

It really doesn't surprise me at all that leftists like Barack Obama and George Lakoff have conversations about "the great unwashed masses," and how they might somehow succeed in communicating with us using sounds and images our primitive brains might understand.

They continue to believe, against all available evidence, that deep down we are just like them--albeit with lower intelligence and less sophistication. They continue to believe that we would embrace their socialist vision of the world with both arms if they could just manage to break it down into simple terms our simple minds could grasp. So, they talk about "pie." Even the mentally retarded understand PIE, right? Michelle Obama's sales pitch for socialism has gotten to this level. It goes something like this:

"See, the problem with the world is that the rich have all the pie. Barack will take the pie from the rich and give a big piece of it to you! Doesn't that sound tasty?"
Apparently, they really think this is going to work.

I guess I wish I could say it surprises me that they have these conversations on broadcast television, as if we don't have televisions or we can't understand the multi-syllable words they use. Sadly, that's not even surprising anymore.

Let me spell it out for you leftists in the simple language we common folks use:

We don't want you to "fix the economy." We want you to leave it the hell alone. Ever heard the term "laissez nous faire?" It's French. (If you don't know French, ask your buddy John F'n Kerry to translate.) The term comes from a time when French businessmen had their heads screwed on a bit straighter. Please write this down: we're not waiting for you to "save" us. We don't want you to go steal some pie for us. If you would pretty much forget we existed, that would be just fine with us. You really wanna help? Just get out of our lives and let us live them. We'll bake our own pie.

We don't need freedom of speech so that we can make art exhibits out of urine and used tampons. We need freedom of speech so that we can remind our neighbors how shitty you leftist elites are and how much socialism sucks.

We don't need freedom of religion out of some need to have some kind of drug we can take in to remove ourselves from the realities of our sorry lives. Marx and Nietzsche didn't understand this fact, but why would anyone expect them to? If you truly understood and embraced Christianity, as so many of you claim to, you would understand this, and you wouldn't recycle German atheist talking points as a substitute for genuine comprehension of what is going on in the mind of a conservative Christian.

We don't need the Second Amendment so that we can forget our sad lives by going shooting at squirrels with our kinfolk. We "cling" to our weapons because there may come a time when we'll need those weapons to protect ourselves from an out-of-control government. Leftist icons Huey Newton, William Ayers and Mumia Abu-Jamal seem to grasp the general concept of guns vs. "the man." Now, these particular men may very well have taken to arms because the government didn't give them enough stolen pie. Let me suggest that the motivations of William Ayers don't tell you a whole lot about the motivations of your normal Republican voter in rural Pensylvania. You keep your pie. We'll keep our guns.

Contrary to your claims, most of those of us who oppose amnesty don't harbor "anti-immigrant" sentiment. Many of our most outspoken members are immigrants. Most of us have friends who are immigrants, and even if we didn't, we're only a few generations away from our proud immigrant ancestors. Most of us "cling" deeply to the idea of America as, in the words of John Winthrop, "A shining city upon a hill." Most of us believe that America should continue to be a place where people who want to be Americans and embrace American values can come and make their lives. If you think the debate over amnesty is a debate over these basic principles, that only goes to show how very much out of touch you are. The debate over amnesty is a debate over whether we can even have meaningful borders. It is a debate over whether we can even have meaningful immigration laws. You start from the basic assumption that we can have neither borders nor laws, and then you call us racists and bigots when we refuse to accept this ridiculous proposition. What we "cling" to is belief in the rule of law and of national sovereignty. If you think some stolen pie is going to cure us of that characteristic, good luck with that.

It's not that complicated. We don't want your help. We don't want your stolen pie. We already ARE voting our interests, and we'll be keeping our guns, our God and our respect for law and order whether you like it or not. Thanks for your concern. Now please go away.

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