April 19, 2008

MSM Distorts War Report

Well, this is probably the only time so far during the war a mainstream press outlet has distorted and blatantly taken quotes out of context of a government report on the war.

The Miami Herald story ("Pentagon Study: War is a 'Debacle' ") distorts the nature of and intent of my personal research project. It was not an NDU study, nor was it a Pentagon study. Indeed, the implication of the Herald story was that this study was mostly about current events. Such is not the case. It was mainly about the period 2002-04. The story also hypes a number of paragraphs, many of which are quoted out of context. The study does not "lay much of the blame" on Secretary Rumsfeld for problems in the conduct of the war, nor does it say that he "bypassed the Joint Chiefs of Staff." It does not single out "Condoleeza Rice and Stephen Hadley" for criticism.
What's more important is the reichwinger George Stephanopoulos's illegal questioning of the Liberal Jesus on national television.

Nothing to see here. The dog barks, but the caravan moves on.

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