April 18, 2008

Will Some One Please Kill Yousef Ahmadi Now?

Long time Jawa Report readers know that we have a standing feud with the Taliban 's online spokesman Adil Watanmal who runs Qari Mohammad Yousef's (aka, "Yousef Ahmadi", aka "Ahmadi") websites. Intermittently. When they aren't offline thanks to the efforts of our loyal readers. Like right now.

Isn't it about time some one tracked down Yousef Ahmadi, gave him a waterboard bath, and had a little chat with him? If you can't capture him because he's too far inside Pakistan, could you at least do me a favor and kill him?

We know where he is. We have his e-mail address. We have his phone number. If you won't kill him for me, how about killing him for Dutch NATO commander General Peter van Uhm, who's son was killed by the Taliban today?

Ahmadi claims that Lieutenant Dennis van Uhm was killed in retribution for Geert Wilders' movie Fitna. The Taliban were so offended that Wilders linked Islam to violence, that they killed two Dutch troops over it.

Proving definitively that Islam is in no way, shape , or form an inspiration for violent actions.

Robert Spencer quotes this from the AFP:

"We knew that the son of Dutch chief of staff was in the vehicle," rebel spokesman Yousuf Ahmadi told AFP, changing his account from an earlier statement that the militant group did not know who was in the car.

"This (attack) was part of our operation against the Dutch. First it was because they have occupied our country and secondly it was in retaliation to the Dutch insult to our great prophet Mohammed," Ahmadi said.

UPDATE NOTE: Of course I know that the Taliban didn't target van Uhm, even though Ahmadi now claims this is the case.

Oh, and a special note to "Zabihullah Mujahid", the other official spokesman for the Taliban:

I know who you are, I know where you are. I know you read this blog. I'd warn you to watch your back, but when the end comes it won't come from behind.

Keep looking upward.

Thanks to Hot Air's headline thingy.

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