April 17, 2008

Al Qaeda's #2, Zawahiri, in New Audio Tape: "Fortress Iraq"


A new audio from al Qaeda's #2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, just hit the forums. It's called, "Iraq: Five Years Later".

It's an audio speech, and it's available only in Arabic. I expect an English transcript will be released in the next few days.

Which leads me, once again, to wonder: where the hell is Adam Gadahn, al Qaeda's chief English language propagandist? He's either dead, as I've been hearing, or alive, and very dangerous. Why so? Because if he's no longer in charge of propaganda then he's moved to the operational side of things. And that means al Qaeda has a Jewish kid from Southern California available as a human bomb.


l-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri said that building Iraq as a "fortress of Islam" is the "most important duty" for Muslims, in an audio message released Thursday according to the SITE monitoring service...

Zawahiri's talk, titled "Five years after the Invasion of Iraq and Decades of Injustice by the Tyrants," contains references to US Iraqi commander General David Petraeus's April 8 testimony to the US Congress, and to a textile worker strike in Egypt on April 6 as evidence that it was a recent recording, according to SITE....

"The United Nations is an enemy of Islam and Muslims: it is the one which codified and legitimized the setting up of the state of Israel and its taking over of the Muslims' lands," Zawahiri said in that recorded talk.

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