April 15, 2008

Video: Marilyn Monroe Secret Sex Tape

Marilyn-Monroe_nude_sex_video.jpgI've been trying to avoid posting this, but the people have spoken. Let mob rule prevail. Here it is, the Marilyn Monroe sex video.

Scroll to the end of post to see video.

But first, I'll send you over to Jules Crittenden's for some discussion of the Marilyn Monroe sex video since he hit me up for a link this morning. Like Jules, I'm less than morally outraged. Monroe used sex to further her own career, so it's hardly surprising that she was giving BJs to film execs on film. She certainly wasn't a victim.

What a lot are missing in the discussion over the vid is that the guy that bought the Marilyn Monroe sex film claims he's not going to sell it or allow it to be distributed over the internet. He says he's doing it out of 'respect'. Right.

He can call it what he wants, I call it selfishness. He wants the Marilyn Monro porno all to himself. The masses? Let them eat cake.

So, without further discussion here it is: The Marilyn Monroe Sex Video.


Really, get a freaking life you moronic pervs.

To be honest, I have a feeling this is all bogus, any way. The sources on this story don't sound that credible to me. Color me skeptical. I'll believe it when I see it. Actually, I probably won't ever be seeing it, so I'll believe it when enough of you pervs see it and testify to its authenticity.

Speaking of the Kennedy clan, how much of that Kennedy estate fortune was wasted wining and dining starlets like Monroe I wonder?

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