April 10, 2008

Denver: DNC Protestors To Recreate "68" Love In City

Here we go again, "make love not war" complete with free love in the park "as long as it is consensual". Everything will be free as in the name "Free City". Geesh crazy moonbats.

MyFox Colorado via Slapstick Politics

(FOX) A small collection of political activists pounded a homemade sign into the soil of Denver's Civic Center Park on Wednesday, claiming it for their own the week of the Democratic National Convention.

From this point forward, Civic Center Park will be considered the property of the people, and it will thus be renamed Free City," said Glenn Spagnuolo, spokesman for Recreate 68, which is coordinating protest efforts with a variety of activist groups for the Democratic National Convention week.[...]

"Regardless of the city's claims, we're going to be having free housing here in the park," said Spagnuolo. "We are going to be having free housing here in the park. We will stay past the curfew, we will enjoy each other's company."

He also said, "We will be putting up a tent city here that's going to include space for homeless people, too."

Spagnuolo also claimed that at some point there will be a "nude-in," in which demonstrators will spell out the word "PEACE," using naked bodies.

The activists said "Free City" will operate based on a 10-point program that supports a life without authority.

"Free City is also free of borders," said Zoe Williams, a member of a group called Colorado Street Medics. "We welcome all people as immigrants, largely, to this country to be a part of Free City."

Adam Jung, representing the group Tent State, added, "Free City is also going to free for political thought, free of commercialism, free of cages and prisons for political prisoners.

"And yes, one of the most fun ones, there will be free love - as long as it's consensual."

Democrats must be really excited about this. teh.

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