April 10, 2008

Doctor ID'd in Predator Strike

Remember that missile attack on a compound in Wana on March 16th? They ID'd the Arab doctor who was killed--the one some speculated might have been Zawahirit-- he was one Dr. Arshad Waheed.. His medical field was KIDNEYS. Could he have been treating the al Qaeda leader Abu Ubaida al-Masri who recently died of hepatitis? He was a member of Jundullah,rumored to be AQ's bankers, doctors and media advisers.

The News PK:

Karachi-based Dr. Arshad Waheed, who was running a clinic in Wana, was identified as one of the victims of an alleged US missile attack on a house sheltering militants in Wana on March 16.

Dr Arshad Waheed, a kidney specialist of the Jinnah Hospital, had shifted to Wana with his family, following his acquittal by court of law on charges of attack on the convoy of the Karachi corps commander and a Rangers van and harbouring and training al-Qaeda and Jundullah activists, providing them funds and medical treatment, sources said.

When contacted, the sister-in-law of Dr. Arshad, who is residing in Karachi, said she had received the information regarding his death in a US attack. She added that his family, however, was safe. Sources said Dr. Arshad was living in Wana, providing medical treatment to the people affected in the ongoing battle between the security forces and the militants there.

Acquitted, eh? If the Pakistani courts can't deliver justice then U.S. Predators will!

Thanks to Jimbo who pretty much wrote this post and is totally jonesing for a slot as a Jawa author.

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