April 09, 2008

Does Bill Really Want Hillary for President?

Regarding the Hillary Clinton campaign, it's been said that the Clintons will "do anything" to get her elected. A variety of reasons are cited, not the least of which is a desire to preserve Bill Clinton's legacy. For me, that thought does not compute.

Follow me on this. For the past couple weeks, I've charted scenarios on a notepad, trying to figure out how Bill Clinton's legacy is improved or fortified by a Hillary Clinton presidency. I've found no examples thus far.

If President Hillary does something monumentally well, there will be the automatic tendency for the mainstream media and bloggers to research Bill Clinton's tenure and question why he didn't accomplish the same. And despite the issue, Bill Clinton's actions while president will be scrutinized and reported -- again. There may even be bold assertions that Hillary should have been president the first time, not Bill.

On the other hand, if President Hillary does something monumentally unwise, another automatic comparison of the spouses will emerge. Pundits will remark that Bill didn't make that mistake with analysis as to why. All the while, supporters will wonder why Bill didn't warn her. Aren't they talking? And, once again, Bill Clinton's time as president will be under a microscope.

Now, I contend that Bill Clinton's legacy is best left to history's nuance-crafters in dusty halls. That is, unless a preserved legacy includes constant reminders of "I did not have sex with" Monica Lewinsky, Sandy Berger's bulging pantleg, missile technology given to the Chinese, Army Rangers abandoned in Mogadishu, the definition of 'is' is, bimbo eruptions, attack on an aspirin factory, yada, yada, yada....

So, readers, if you can help me understand how Bill Clinton's legacy is anything but tarnished by a Hillary Clinton presidency, please leave a comment. More.

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