April 07, 2008

Desecrating a Flag in New Mexico Might Land You in Jail (UPDATED, BUMPED)

If the flag is a MEXICAN flag, that is.

Desecration of the AMERICAN flag continues, of course, to be fully legal, permissible and constitutionally protected in all respects. On college campuses these days, it's virtually mandatory.

h/t : HotAir.

UPDATE: I notice a few commenters have taken issue with the way I originally characterized the case. I decided that they have a point and I changed the title to more accurately reflect the details of the case.

The prosecutor in the case indicted him for destruction of property, due to the fact that he tore a piece of cloth that wasn't his. In reality, the idea that this case was about tearing a piece of cloth is ludicrous. He didn't face six months in jail because he damaged a random piece of cloth. He faced six months in jail because he damaged a Mexican flag.

Anyone who claims that this is just a simple case of "destruction of private property" and nothing more, as if this military veteran would've faced six months in jail for destroying a bedsheet or a car cover is either being naive or deceptive. I will guarantee that there have been dozens (if not hundreds) of incidents on and around the UNM campus in recent years where "private property" was destroyed and no one faced anything more than a token fine (if that). This veteran faced six months in jail because, and only because, the piece of cloth he tore up had a Mexican flag pattern printed on it.

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