April 06, 2008

Democrats Dance on Heston's Grave...

Charlton Heston spent his entire life as a champion of human rights. He was one of the first Hollywood actors to speak out forcefully for the civil rights movement. I've posted my own tribute to Charlton Heston at The Arsenal.

Though Heston was definitely a Republican in his later years, you'd think that a solid record in the civil rights movement would get a man at least a little respect from even the hardest of the hardcore grassroots liberal Democrats. No such luck.

In a thread at Democratic Underground noting Heston's passage, many of the commenters simply can't contain their glee at Heston's death. Excerpts:

"1 less right wingnut to worry about"

"Quick, someone pry out his gun!"

"Is he soylent green yet??"

"If Heston lived another 20 years would the world be a better place? no. I think not. Its just that simple. So break out the good wine. Drink to vanquished enemies."

"Their brain-eroding diseases coincided with their rightwing turns." (referencing Heston and Reagan)

"I'll see you at Nancy Reagan's funeral. I will be the guy with the air horn and a big ol' grin."

"Rest in Hell is where I am coming from."

"I had no empathy for the aging Nazis, either."

"he was scum"

"He was a mediocre actor who believed he was Moses."

"If "liberal" means...feeling any sense of loss that some sorry piece of shithumanity such as C Heston has checked out?...Then sign me out."

Sometimes, thinking of my own objectivity, I wonder whether my perception of the left as mentally challenged is simply a product of my own, generally-conservative point-of-view. Then there are times like these when I realize that the true lefties really are seriously messed up in the head.

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