April 06, 2008

Matthew Yglesias gets PWN3D

John Kirchick of The New Republic (!) posts a scathing review of Yglesisas's recent glorified, pointless nutroots screed book:

Though Yglesias tries to frame his argument around the concept of national self-interest, he reveals himself as an unwitting apologist for terrorists and authoritarians. He attacks the Bush administration for supporting the Philippines and Thailand over Islamist insurgents; he defends the Islamic Courts Movement, which overthrew Somalia’s internationally recognized government; he argues that Democrats shouldn’t have held hearings with General David Petraeus last year because his “testimony would be so hostile to their political strategy.” There are many words that one might use to describe Yglesias’s political outlook. “Liberal” and “internationalist” are not among them.

Karl at PW
points to a photo of Yglesias beclowning himself providing nuanced, well-reasoned policy arguments.
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