April 04, 2008

Video: Movie Completely Blows the Lid Off of Geert Wilders' Dark Secret


Here's the movie I reported on yesterday from the "Arab European League" called Almouftinoun which claims that Geert Wilders is a racist for linking Islam to violence. Islam, of course isn't a race, and neither is Muslim.

The movie then goes on to blow the lid right off of Geert Wilders' deepest darkest secret: he's a Zionist secretly working for the Mossad.

Sick, funny, or both? Video below.

UPDATED COMMENTARY: Okay, the film makes the claim that since the term Jew describes both a race and a religion then the term Muslim must also describe a race. Thus, anyone who is against Islam must be a racist, while those against Israel aren't against Jews only Zionists.

While the movie is clearly antisemitic, what's interesting is how the group claims the war in Afghanistan is anti-Muslim. I think this claim, above all the others, is the most revealing.

Video still below.

In related news, The Arab European League blows the lid off of another well kept secret: MEMRI can't be trusted because .... they're run by the Mossad!

Thanks to Kruisvaarder for the YouTube link.

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