April 03, 2008

Call to Action : Representatives Getting Squishy on SAVE Act

From Citizens for Immigration Reform:

Rep. Brian Bilbray, Chairman of the Congressional Immigration Caucus, reported today on Fox News that 41 of the Representatives who have signed on as co-sponsors of the SAVE Act (H.R. 4088) are now refusing to sign the Discharge Petition that will bring the SAVE Act to the floor which will allow the bill to bypass the committees.

It is easy for politicians to say they will sign onto things all the while knowing that when push comes to shove, they are not going to do anything to help the legislation along. Rep. Bilbray also reported that the leadership has told those 41 to block the legislation.

Please go to Numbers USA and see if your representative is on the Discharge Petition list. If not, you know the drill - contact them and tell them that since they signed onto the bill, that you expect them to go the whole way and sign the Discharge Petition. Toll free number is 1-866-340-9281.
The list of original cosponsors of the SAVE Act is here.

The list of current signers of the discharge petition is here.

Although I can't guarantee the accuracy, I've made a list of the apparent holdouts BELOW THE FOLD.

Altmire, [PA-4]
Arcuri, [NY-24]
Baird, [WA-3]
Baker, [LA-6]
Barrow, [GA-12]
Bean, [IL-8]
Berry, [AR-1]
Boren, [OK-2]
Boswell, [IA-3]
Boucher, [VA-9]
Boyd, [FL-2]
Boyda, [KS-2]
Capito, [WV-2]
Carney, [PA-10]
Cohen, [TN-9]
Cooper, [TN-5]
Cramer, [AL-5]
Davis, [AL-7]
Donnelly, [IN-2]
Ellsworth, [IN-8]
Gillibrand, [NY-20]
Gordon, [TN-6]
Higgins, [NY-27]
Hill, [IN-9]
Hodes, [NH-2]
Holden, [PA-17]
Kagen, [WI-8]
Kanjorski, [PA-11]
Klein, [FL-22]
Lampson, [TX-22]
Marshall, [GA-8]
Matheson, [UT-2]
McIntyre, [NC-7]
McNerney, [CA-11]
Melancon, [LA-3]
Murtha, [PA-12]
Perlmutter, [CO-7]
Rodriguez, [TX-23]
Ross, [AR-4]
Sestak, [PA-7]
Space, [OH-18]
Stupak, [MI-1]
Tanner, [TN-8]
Taylor, [MS-4]
Udall, [CO-2]
Visclosky, [IN-1]

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