March 28, 2008

North Carolina Muslim to Geert Wilders: Islam Will Dominate Europe, Destroy Western Civilization, Tear Out Dutch MP's Heart

A moment of clarity from North Carolina Muslim Samir Khan [aka "inshallahshaheed", aka "revolution"] in an open letter to Geert Wilders:

[W]e are interested in letting you know that Islaam will dominate all of Europe, including your hometown, and the Jizyah [ed note: special tax on Christians and Jews] will be established upon your Country, leaving all of the disbelievers in humiliation until they come to Islaam. Let us remind that there are thousands of Muslims living near you; so always expect the unexpected.
At least he's honest about the second class status Christians and Jews have under Islamic rule and the role of the special tax imposed on them as a form of humiliation for rejecting Islam.

He then goes on to promise the glorious return of Jesus. But unlike the Jesus of Christians, the Jesus of Samir Khan and of traditional Islam returns to wage jihad against Christians. Are we talking about the same Jesus here?

By Allah, the only thing that we will tear is your heart, the heart of democracy, and the heart of those who fight the Muslims. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) promises dominance, and so we too promise dominance. And how will you be O Geert, when Prophet Jesus returns to earth from the heavens and destroys Christianity and wages Jihaad against the world successfully?

That time is coming very soon.

More honesty from Khan, responding to Wilder's claim in his short film Fitna that, "Islam wants to rule, submit, and seeks to destroy our western civilization."

Just as your civilization seeks to destroy ours, our civilization seeks to devastate yours. Take a guess as to when we’ll stop. [sic]

He ends with this:
So keep warning, and we too will keep warning. Islaam denounces Democracy, Islaam denounces Christians and Jews, Islaam denounces the corruption of the disbelievers upon the earth, and Islaam is coming to crush the armies of disbelief and smash the false governments and religions of the world to bring humanity from darkness into light....

So Islaam will spread all over Europe, and we will win in the end and we will humiliate you in the end.

Congratulations Geert. Your movie has created more Mujaahideen amongst the Muslims.

And just so you don't wonder who is Samir's inspiration, here are some images from his list of "Scholars of Islaam in this age whom we follow and support":


And those are just three of dozens and dozens of "Scholars of Islām in this age whom [Samir Khan] follow[s] and support[s]", all of whom are members of al Qaeda.

Special note to readers & friends: Can I ask you, this one time, not to send complaints to the webhost? It only serves to make Sammy a martyr in the eyes of his readers. In this case, it's probably better just to give him some more rope and let him hang himself.

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