March 28, 2008

Iz Bill Jornlist Now? Yup

Blogalist? Journlogger?

Columbia Journalism Review discusses, friend of Jawa, the Long War Journal:

In many ways, what the combat team is doing there is a microcosm of the larger fight for Iraq—classic counterinsurgency, a slow, methodical fight waged within a complex web of relationships and power centers. The American forces spend much of their time trying to build trust among the Sunni and Shia sheiks, the Iraqi Army, the Iraqi police, and the Sons of Iraq (groups of Iraqi civilians organized by local sheiks and “reformed” insurgent leaders to assist in keeping the peace), any of whom might be—and often are—working at cross-purposes. Such low-level political maneuvering is not the stuff of a splashy, front-page feature, but it is the nature of the war America is now fighting, and it is going almost completely uncovered by the mainstream media. This is Roggio’s beat.
Its quite an accurate profile. Current on Long War Journal : Bill reports from Iraq: Iraqi forces battle the Mahdi Army. Phil Peterson reports from Afghanistan: A memorial ceremony at FOB Salerno, Afghanistan. And there's a very informative story on a massive protest in South Yemen.

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