March 28, 2008

Video: German Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan

The NEFA Foundation has obtained footage documenting the first suicide attack carried out by a German national of Turkish origin in Afghanistan. The March 3rd attack targeted the Sebari military compound near Khost, along the restive Afghan-Pakistani border. Cuneyt Ciftci (a.k.a. Saad Abu Furqan)--a 28-year old German national born in Bavaria to a family of Turkish immigrants--drove an explosive-laden truck into a US guard post killing 2 soldiers. An Uzbek terror group, the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), claimed responsibility for the attack. Ciftci had worked as a clerical worker in Germany, and was married with two children. He left Germany in April 2007 after formally deregistering as a resident at his local town hall. According to media reports, Ciftici was linked to Adem Yilmaz, detained in Germany in 2007 for plotting attacks against Frankfurt airport, Ramstein airbase, and other American interests in Germany. Ciftci's departure from Germany and his journey to the Pak-Afghan region was reportedly organized by Yilmaz himself.

Watch video here.

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