March 27, 2008

Video: Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders' film about the Quran (English) UPDATE: Several video versions available UPDATE: YouTube Video UPDATE: Liveleak Yanks Video!

Here it is, Fitna, the movie by Geert Wilders. Judge for yourself just how 'shocking' it is. UPDATE: Google video version still works. UPDATE II: YouTube version at end of post. We'll see how long that lasts....

Update: Liveleak caves to threats from Muslims over their release of Fitna. Instead of the movie, now one sees a short video explaining why the movie was taken down. I'm bumping the Google video version of the film up, and putting the Liveleak explanation at the bottom of the post.

Google Video version.

UPDATE: YouTube version below uploaded in two parts by Howie, aka "Darthodieus", and Bluto.

YouTube Part I (probably won't last long)

YouTube Part II (probably won't last long)

UPDATE: Some one sends AllahP this torrent link to Fitna. Update: Another TOR link for Fitna.

Thanks to Brad Thor and multiple readers.

UPDATE: Muslim outrage already begins. Looks like Wilders' party website is now down & so is his personal website. [UPDATE: Wilders' websites back up]

UPDATE: Michelle has this pledge: "I will not submit”

UPDATE: Liveleak restores the video. Here it is!

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