March 26, 2008

Supporters of Yemeni Journalist al-Khaiwani Pack Courtroom

The evidence against al-Khaiwani is only CD's of war photos, interviews and notes about the Saada war. He is being tried for "demoralizing the military" with an article that was yet unpublished when he was arrested. The charge carries the death penalty.

AFP : The courtroom was packed with dozens of lawyers, rights activists and other supporters who turned up to express solidarity with Khiwani.

The defence team also rejected charges against Khiwani on the grounds that authorities had eavesdropped on his telephone calls without an order from the prosecution.

"The law does not permit eavesdropping except through an order issued by the prosecution ... and for a specific telephone call with the aim of preventing a crime," said Hayel Salam, who heads the defence team...The court adjourned the case until April 8.

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