March 24, 2008

Cyber Skirmish Website Death Toll: Us 1, Hizbollah 6

Lets see, it all started yesterday when Network Solutions took Down Geert Wilder's Fitna website due to complaints about a short film critical of Islam that was due to be hosted there. The move resulted in a flurry of complaints to Network Solutions about removing the site.

A commenter at Jawa noted that Network Solutions was providing services to Hizballah, a specially designated terrorist group. They were providing DNS services. Domain name services are how your computer finds the IP address of the server where a website is located. It is unlawful for US companies to provide services to specially designated terrorist entities like Hizbollah.

This AM Robert Spencer and Allahpundit also posted the DNS information for Hizbollah. Our own Jawa co-blogger Kafir also posted his interaction with Network solutions here.

Soon the complaints to Network Solutions about Hizbollah's websites resulted in Network Solutions suspending DNS services to = [ ]

Which resulted in great joy over at Report on Arrakis.

The following URLs were also PWNED as of this posting!

In this case, the outcry against Geert Wilder's film has backfired. But why stop there. The Jawa Report reported that Many US companies are doing business with Hizbollah here. Updated Hosting info below the fold. Lets rack up a few more Hizbollah sites while were at it.

I feel your anger! It gives you focus! Makes You stronger!

Update: More here at Creeping Sharia. Who was actually on the Hizbollah/Network Solutions connection on Saturday.

Remaining Hizbollah websites all providers. = [ ]
Hosted by Server Central Network
Domain register is, USA.
contact = [ ]
Hosted by Dallas, TX
Domain name registrar is Intercosmos Media Group Inc., USA
contact = [ ]
DNS and Hosting provided by Go Daddy. = [ ]
Hosted by: R & D Technologies LLC, USA Las Vegas.
Domain name registrar
Phone US 1-480-624-2599 = [ ]
Teleglobe Inc. , Canada
Domain name registrar is, USA
Hosting provided by Internap Network Services, USA
Domain name registrar is TopSpot, Inc., USA (dba
IP Address:
Network access provided by:, USA
Domain name registrar is Network Solutions, LLC, USA
Hosted by Yahoo!
Hosted by MSN/Microsoft
Hosted by MSN/Microsoft

The following sites still need updated DNS and hosting research. Hey! I'm tired, your turn.

Other terror related websites on Network Solutions or a sub-provider using Network Solutions.

AQ Algeria

AQ Pali

AQ Chechen

AQ Yemen

Islamic State Iraq

ISI/IAI (al boraq Mirror)

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