March 16, 2008

**Jawa Report Special: Anonymous v. Scientology II - The Ides of March


The Jawa Report brought you limited coverage of the last installment of the war between Anonymous and Scientology. I tried to augment the coverage at Mein BlogoVault. But now, it is time that you Jawaheads get the real scoop on this whole thing going on around you without your knowledge or concern. Rightly so.

The EPIC WIN of the last round of Scientology protests went off without a hitch, with lulz reaching levels over 9000 shared by all. Well, except the Church of Scientology, who proceeded to file failed lawsuits against various elements of Anonymous.

Today's round, held during the ominous Ides of March and dubbed "Operation Party Hard," was the next salvo from Anonymous in its ongoing battle with the pyramid scheme / cult Church of Scientology. The battle is part of an ongoing struggle known as Project Chanology.


Now, you may be saying to yourself- Hey, Good Lt, the numbers aren't that impressive. A few hundred here, a few hundred there, maybe a worldwide total in the tens of thousands. What's the big deal?


For those completely unaware of this story (as I expect all sane people with lives to be), a loose-knit coalition of people that frequent sites like the massive repository for all things hilarious, offensive, tasteless, vulgar hilarious, infuriating, tedious, and teh awesome known as Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED), that do...well...see for yourself. "Things,"

This is important to know the flavor of ED, because it allows you to sample the gestalt and flavor of Anonymous and the movement at hand. ED is sort of like if we here at the Jawa Report (and most likely everyone at AoSHQ and the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler), and a sh*tload of anarchists, nihilists, bored people and cynics, had our own Wikipedia in which we informed you about everything in the world and on the Internets.

Anonymous has decided that Scientology, a cult of the borderline terminally mentally unstable, needs to have an ongoing headache, and they've made it their project to, using ED and other message boards like 4chan, to make this worldwide event happen. They upload their videos, pictures and reports of the events either as they are happening or shortly after. They snip media coverage and upload that to a page designed to hold all of the videos from all over the world dedicated to this project. There's even an enclave in my hometown of Philadelphia, which was part of the Eastern USA chain of protests:

I will make every effort to keep you all posted as to the progress being made by either side on this clash of titanic forces on the fringes of mainstream culture.

And for those of you who don't care, I don't care.

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