March 14, 2008

Bloggers PWN Taliban...Again + Bleg for Money *Sticky*

***Sticky for now, because we all deserve a nice round of applause***

In the epic struggle between the Taliban and the Jawa Report, let's pause for a moment and take stock:

Jawa 50+ : Taliban 0

Ouch, sucks to be Adil Watanmal, Taliban webmaster. Just in case you didn't notice, the Taliban begged us to take on their latest official website. Completely and utterly PWND. They really don't learn, do they?

Thanks to all for the complaints filed with various service providers and law enforcement agencies. You know what? The Taliban actually know who we are. Seriously. How does it feel to be part of that?

And it turns out that our online nemesis in the Taliban, Qari Yousef Muhammad- -who actually is in charge of the propaganda on the websites, even if he leaves the computer programming to Adil -- actually moonlights for al Qaeda when he's not carrying out his official duties for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which I hear consists of buggering sheep or some other important job like that. So, it's not just the Taliban who we're engaged with, it's al Qaeda.

If you want to help fund the Jawa vs. Taliban war, why not donate some cash? All proceeds go to the feed Mrs. Shackleford fund. Basically this is how I bribe my wife into letting me spend all me free time searching and destroying the Taliban and other Islamist extremists online: I take her out for a nice meal every now and then.*

Donation links are in the left sidebar and you can use Paypal or Amazon. Every one who donates gets my personal thanks and assures their 72 virgins in Paradise!**

*There is also a slight possibility that if enough funds are raised, that proceeds will go to the "buy Rusty an iPhone" fund. You know, so we can take on the Taliban in a more mobile, cooler way.

**Virgins may or may not be 'white raisins', the original Arabic really is unclear. It's also possible that said virgins are really hardcore D&D players. You know, like Ace and his buddies.

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