March 14, 2008

Top bin Laden Aide Captured!

Muhammad Rahim, a top Osama bin Laden aide, has been captured and transferred to Guantanamo Bay. Earlier this week news reports out of Hungary indicated that the CIA was moving a high-level prisoner. Same guy? Magic 8-Ball says, yes.

A Pakistani paper claimed back in August that Rahim had been rounded up near Lahore, so it's possible that he has been in Pakistani custody for some time and just given to the U.S., or that the CIA has been holding him in Hungary and just now transferring him to our Cuban base.

A Pentagon spokesman said that Rahim:

is one of UBL's (Osama bin Laden's) most trusted facilitators and procurement specialists. He helped prepare Tora Bora as a hideout for Osama bin Laden. He assisted Al-Qaeda's exodus from the area in late 2001," Whitman said.
Rahim is also said to have helped Osama bin Laden escape from Tora Bora to Pakistan during the assault on the region by U.S. and Afghani forces.

Thanks to HA's link thingy. UPDATE: Now that Ed's got a story up, thought I'd better link it since I first noticed this in their headlines.

One interesting thing he points out that six months seems to be the magic number between capture and transfer to Club Gitmo.

UPDATE II: Or was he captured in January of this year, just 8 weeks ago? Hellfire drops this link:

Peshawar , January 12 (PPI) Security forces early this morning carried out a search operation in Koza Bandai area of Kabal. 41 militants have been apprehended including local Commander Muhammad Rahim who is close relative of Maulana Fazal Ullah. Huge quantity of arms and ammunition have also been recovered...
Any one have the link to the full article?

UPDATE III: Last summer. Apparently Muhammad Rahim is like Joe Smith over there.

What's interesting is that the only paper that reported Rahim, Pakistan's The Nation, was also the first paper to claim that Adam Gadahn was dead. So, if they got it right here, why not in the Gadahn case?

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