March 13, 2008

Read the Book the Saudis Tried to Ban: "Alms for Jihad"

alms_for_jihad.jpgThanks to the ruling family of Saudi Arabia you can no longer buy "Alms for Jihad", which recounts how Islamic charities, many of them with deep ties to the House of Saud, fund terrorism.

An anonymous tipster has uploaded the entire book. Download links below.

Who am I to stop you from downloading the book, changing the file name, and the re-uploading it to as many file sharing servers as possible?

If they want to make us dhimmis, they really are going to have to find something other than the British courts to pound us into submission.

UPDATE: Some files in PDF format, others in rar. You'll have to decompress the rar files. Oh, and if you do happen to upload the book somewhere, let me know. Links die fast.

Update II: New torrent link available below the fold.

Update III: More links added, including static link to dedicated server.

Direct PDF download available at

Torrent download available here at Pirate Bay

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