March 13, 2008

Savages Murder Iraqi Archbishop

FarajRahho.jpgBehold, the glorious "resistance" in Iraq. Various news sources are reporting that the body of Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho, kidnapped by al Qaeda in Iraq, has been found near the city of Mosul.


"Monsignor Rahho is dead. We have found him lifeless near Mosul," the agency quoted the auxiliary bishop of Baghdad, Monsignor Shlemon Warduni, as saying. "The kidnappers had buried him."
3 others who were with Rahho were also murdered by al Qaeda.

I pray that the evil people who murdered Archbishop Rahho will repent, but in the meantime that their final passage meet their maker will be expedited at the hands of the U.S. Marines.

UPDATE: I'll consolidate Vicki's post into this one. Howie asked whether or not we knew who had kidnapped the Archbishop. Since Mosul is really the only major city left with a major al Qaeda influence, you can bet it was them.

What's interesting is that the AFP is reporting that the kidnappers claim Rahho died of natural causes. So, maybe they didn't shoot him, but if the Archbishop was already sick prior to being taken hostage then the kidnapping was most likely the proximate cause of death. That makes it murder.

Update by Vicki: He was murdered (via CNN):

The apparent kidnappers had contacted relatives on Thursday and told them the body was in the eastern part of town. Relatives and authorities went to the location and found the body, which had gunshot wounds.
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