March 11, 2008

England 3.000+Asian Children Abducted For Forced Marriages

Daily Mail

The true number of Asian children vanishing from school and being forced into arranged marriages overseas could be as high as 3,000, two reports have indicated today.

The figures were compiled in an official Government report to highlight how many children have disappeared from school registers in England - but it is feared many are forced into unhappy marriages against their will.

Information gathered from a separate report today suggests that the number of illegal forced marriages each year - most in Asian families - runs into several thousand[...]

MPs fear that young girls, and sometimes young boys, are being taken out of the education system and forced to marry against their will.

They believe that this is happening because the youngsters are deemed to be too Westernised.

One teenage Pakistani girl told how she was pulled out of school when she was just 13-years-old, taken to Pakistan and forced to marry a man who assaulted and raped her.

How many of those children return to England with their "babies" to live off the welfare there?

When the babies are old enough they too will leave to be forced into marriage. The cycle continues and more and more Islamist drain Englands economy through the welfare rolls. Exiled British cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed has openly stated how to work the UK's welfare system.

The article made reference to religious practices regarding "forced marriages" stating it had nothing to do with religion. Sure it doesn't. PC at its finest.

"However it still indicates the scale of the problem of forced marriages, which are unacceptable, and condemned by all religions. Forced marriage has nothing to do with religion - it is a part of a patriarchal system where parents believe they know what is best for their children."
Can't offend Islam now can we? The author did mention this but not the religion that does this, note the "so-called" reference:
The Government also has concerns about 14 further areas which are suspected of having high rates of so-called "honour violence".

On the subject of honour-related violence, the Bishop of Rochester, the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, who recently said that Christians faced "no-go areas" in some parts of the country, asked: "Can you assure us that there is effective policing in all areas of the UK so that women exposed to violence are adequately protected?"

Lord West replied: "At times there has been nervousness that this might step across cultural or religious divides, but there are no cultures or religions that condone so-called honour-based violence."

They just don't get it do they or are they afraid to say? It isn't "so-called" it is part of Sharia law. Not once was Islam mentioned in the article. Again, for fear of offending.

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