March 10, 2008

Video: American Muslims Celebrating the Massacre of Jews

This is Joseph Cohen (aka, Yousef al-Khattab) in a video podcast celebrating --literally, with a cake and all--the masscre of 8 Jewish seminary students in Jerusalem last week. His masked friend is, no doubt, one of his associates at The Islamic Thinkers Society of New York.

Cohen lives in New York City and was last seen in public in front of the Times Square military recruiting station on the morning after it was bombed U.S. He blamed US policies in the Middle East for the attack.

WARNING: The video is very offensive. Probably should not be viewed anywhere in the vicinity of objects that can be hurled at screen.

Thanks to Howie, always on the lookout for domestic terror supporters like Joey Cohen.

Update: The video was originally posted here. But it was removed. But we saved a copy. If you have an .flv player you can find the original file with better sound here.

Player available here.

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