March 08, 2008

AP's "Photographic Icons of the Iraq War"

An AP article appeared today on titled "Photographic Icons of the Iraq War". Needless to say it made me irate and that is putting it mildly. No where was there mention of people like Michael Yon, Bill Roggio, who by the way will be on Jawa BTR this coming Tuesday, or Michael J Totten and others like them that show the real images of the war. Not the images or commentary the MSM shove in our faces everyday.

What is AP's idea of "Iconic Images" of the Iraq War?

So what will be the icons of Iraq?

Perhaps the tight portrait of a helmeted Marine, his face coated with grime and creased with fatigue, a cigarette dangling from his lips. James Blake Miller came to be known as the "Marlboro Man"; the public followed his story home, to hard times and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Perhaps the Abu Ghraib pictures snapshots with a chilling immediacy. Or President Bush speaking on an aircraft carrier, a banner with the premature boast "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" stretched behind him. Or Saddam Hussein, bleary and bearded after his stay in a spider hole.

Or any of a number of visions of death or battle or grief.

And then there are the coffins. In the early days of the war, authorities forbade photographs of transports loaded with flag-draped coffins; a contractor was even fired for leaking one such picture.

But the conflict continued and photos of caskets have become commonplace, as the funerals go on and on.

Post-traumatic stress disorder.
Abu Ghraib - chilling immediacy.
Premature boast - "Mission Accomplished".
Saddam Hussein - bleary and bearded.
Visions of death or battle grief.
Pictures of coffins.
Photos of caskets become commonplace.
Funerals go on and on.

The AP can take these images and put them where the sun doesn't shine.

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