March 07, 2008

Austrian Terrorist Tries to Play the Nice Guy

Mohammed Mahmoud, a known operative of the Global Islamic Media Front [GIMF], argued yesterday that since he once posted a message on an internet forum discouraging the murder of a woman hostage, that he can't be a terrorist.

Never mind the hundreds of other posts encouraging terrorism. Never mind the posts which outlined the best possible targets of terror in Austria and Germany. Never mind the fact that it was GIMF that first released the videos of Fox News reporters Steve Centani and Olaf Wiig held hostage by al Qaeda affiliates in Gaza. And especially never mind the fact that GIMF has made a martyr out of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

So, slowly beheading male civilian hostages is cool beans, but condemning the taking of female hostages is somehow a litmus test for whether or not you're a terrorist?

Further, the hostage he claimed to have dissuaded the terrorists from killing, Hannelore Krause, was indeed freed. But her son? Still missing, presumed dead.

It's funny how Muslim fanatics like this want to hold the West to such high standards of civilized behavior, always claiming that every single unintentional death of a Muslim by the West is proof of our hypocrisy, yet the standards of civilized behavior applied to Muslims is so low that virtually all acts of barbarity, such as slowly sawing off the head of a male civilian hostage, are assumed to be a-okay.


A young Austrian Muslim on trial on terrorism charges said Thursday his efforts led to the release of a German hostage in Iraq. Hannelore Krause and her son Sinan disappeared in Iraq on Feb. 6, 2007....

Mohamed M. said he then appealed for Krause's release in a 20-page text in which he noted, among other things, that a video showing Krause and her son was not helping the group win favor.

Two to three weeks after his appeal, the kidnappers thanked him for his advice, Mohamed M. claimed, adding that Krause was released shortly afterward....

Mohamed M. is on trial in Vienna over his alleged involvement in a March 2007 video threatening Austria and Germany with attacks if they did not withdraw military personnel from Afghanistan.

The prosecution also alleges that Mohamed M. mentioned, in Internet forums frequented by Islamic radicals, the Vienna-based Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC, and the Euro 2008 soccer championship as potential terrorist targets.

Oh, and pay no attention to all the snuff videos found on Mohammed Mahmoud's computer. Bringing those to light simply serve to anger and confuse him.
[T]he jury was shown a series of graphic clips showing the killing and abuse of Western hostages abducted in Iraq that were saved on the hard drive of Mohamed M.'s computer...

Mohamed M. lost his cool... accusing the court of not being interested in justice and carrying out a show trial...

When security officials escorted him out of the courtroom, he knocked over a screen and accused the judge of ruining his life.

Mohammed claimed the files were on his computer for research purposes only. Yeah, right, this is the same group that literally has dozens of tribute videos devoted to Osama bin Laden, Abu Musab al Zarqawi and Osama bin Laden. Explain those, asshole.

Thanks to Vicki, official hostage reporter for The Jawa Report.

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