March 07, 2008

Buh Bye Yousef al-Khattab


Regular Jawa Report readers will be familiar with Yousef al-Khattab AKA Joe Cohen. The image above is one from Khattab's website. We recently ran a post about Yousef's interview and attempt to raise funds for Adbullah al-Faisal on an al-Qaeda linked website in Britain.

Well no more! Yousef has been Pwned! Down! Down!


But that's a common message. How do I know the site is down?

Hi Howie,

The site has been fully suspended and will no longer be permitted to be hosted on our network. Thank you very much for the report.

Kind Regards,

(name redacted)
Systems Administrator / Technical Manager
Site5 Internet Solutions, Inc.

Many thanks to Site5 Internet Solutions. We were able to temporarily suspend Yousef once, but this time its for good. Damn its good the be a gangsta er uh I mean jawa. I'm happier than a puppy with two peters

Hey Joe Cohen! Have fun searching for a new provider. Previous post links and a little personal message to Yousef from Howie below the fold.

Update: He has moved his DNS pointer to blogspot for the moment. Please hold off on any complaints about him to Go Daddy or Google for the time being.

Update II: Email from Yousef al-Khattab:

No Time To Play

Sorry Howie, I am to busy celebrating yesterdays blessed events in al-Quds, subhanallah!!

Where do you think he got those ideas? :-)

Shabbat Shakhor!

So what Yousef is celebrating is the cold blooded murder of 8 Israelis by Hamas. Like Rusty says Yousef's only criticism of Hamas is that they were not killing enough Jews to suit him.

This makes twice I've made you my bitch yousef! How does it feel to be Howie's little bitch?

Jawa Pwnage Assignment (Update Pwned! Back Up)

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