March 06, 2008

Plot to Attack U.S. Embassy in Philippines Foiled

Do the Filipinos have a CAIR of their own-- FAIR, maybe? You know, the kind of group that screams racial profiling every time a Muslim is detained for some suspicious activity or another? Even though Islam, you know, isn't a race.

But I digress, 3 Middle Easterners arrested in Philippines over plot to attack the U.S., British, Australian and Israeli embassies in Manila. Can you call it racial profiling when one group of brown people is suspicious of another group of brown people? I'm kinda unclear on the social norms governing the use of race baiting, especially when said race baiting has nothing to do with race.


Philippine authorities say they have arrested three suspected Middle Eastern militants suspected of involvement in a plot to bomb the Israeli and three other foreign embassies in Manila....

Ermita refused to provide details, but two senior Filipino security officials told The Associated Press that investigators were verifying intelligence information that the three may have been involved in an active plot to bomb the U.S., British, Australian and Israeli embassies in Manila.

It will be interesting to find out the relationship between these men and the Southeast Asian Islamist terror groups Jemaah Islamiyah & Abu Sayyaf.

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