March 05, 2008

Glenn Beck on Brad Thor's New Book: So Blasphemous, Radical Muslims Sure to Try to Kill Him

Brad Thor told us last week that his new book is likely to get him fatwa'd. Glenn Beck has a copy of the book, and wasn't three chapters in when he came to the conclusion that Thor is about to become the next Salmon Rushdie or Theo Van Gogh.

Here's an exchange on Beck's radio show today between him and Thor:

GLENN: I tell you, Brad, right now that when I had that talk with you a year ago, I thought I knew I was prepared to die...

There were so many death threats on me at that time and we had to take so many precautions that nobody knows about that I, in that month of December, had to come to grips with the fact that I may die and be shot and gunned down in the streets. It is not a pleasant -- it's easy for me to say a year ago to you, know what you're prepared to die for.

THOR: True.

GLENN: It's another when you are actually in that situation. Brad, I've only read three chapters. Last night I read the first three chapters with my mouth open and thought to myself, my friend Brad may lose his life for a fiction book. Have you and your wife had that talk?

THOR: We have. We have, and I've had the talk with, as you mentioned before I came on, some of my very well connected friends who are in law enforcement, who specialize in security for congress, the President, so on and so forth. Glenn, at the end of the day I think all that's necessary, everything -- we hear this phrase all the time but it's true. All that's necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing....

GLENN: How do we get onto Tradesports and just put odds that Brad Thor is dead by the end of the year.

STU: Oh, man. The odds would be pretty high on that one. Brad, man, we love you. We're very scared for you.

Why would radical Islamists be out to kill Brad Thor? In a nutshell, the premise of the book is that the Mohammed had one more revelation. A revelation so important that Allah himself, and not the angel Gabriel, revealed it to him. A revelation so contradictory to the earlier ones, that his companions murdered him for it.

My guess is that it will be banned in nearly every Muslim country, "moderate" or no, and in a European country or two.

I for one will be buying the book as soon as it's out . But I'd be careful about reading it around certain members of the religion of perpetual outrage.

UPDATE: Book is called, "The Last Patriot" and I'm more than a little stoked about it since The Jawa Report gets a nod on the acknowledgment page.

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