March 05, 2008

Gaza: Quran Plays Hide & Seek From Israeli Missile (Bumped & Sticky)

What is that hiding in the rubble? Is it, no it can't be!

Yes, yes, it is the Holy Quran! Glory and praise to photo op!

If you listened to tonights, 3/04, Jawa BTR you would know what this is about.

UPDATED & Bumped by Rusty 3/05/08: Wow, the Holy Koran is pretty much indestructible. I think there's a joke in here somewhere about why the Palestinians don't just build their bomb shelters out of Qurans?

The visual message of the clearly staged photo above is simple: Even with all of the Zionists superior weapons, Allah is on the side of the Palestinians. And that is exactly how the forums are discussing the 'incident': a miracle!

Just in case you weren't in the loop a couple of years ago for all of the Holy Quran stagings, here's some context. Below is a staged photo from Reuters stringer of Quran being burned in aftermath of Israeli missile strike in Lebanon. Message: Israel desecrating Qurans, Muslims must rise up to fight the Zionists!

Note: Stable Hand posted one of the images a couple of days ago, but I was away from the computer and missed it. Last night on Jawa Radio she talked about the photos and I asked her to repost since I hadn't seen the image in the blogosphere.

Oh, and there are more photos. We'll try to have some of them up later this afternoon.

UPDATE II: Michelle has more context links about fauxtography in the Israel-Hezbollah war.

UPDATE III: Farking welcome to minions of Drew Curtis!

Remember Green Helmut guy? Well meet Creepy-Ass Black Hat Guy.

UPDATE IV: Photoshop contest?

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