March 04, 2008

U.S. Navy Signalman Helping Taliban?

U.S. Navy Signalman Paul Hill stands accused of helping the Taliban:

Unbeknownst to Navy leadership, a signalman on the destroyer Benfold was in direct communication at the time with a British-based publishing house openly supporting the Taliban and jihadi movements. He ordered graphic videos of Chechen rebels attacking and killing Russian soldiers.

Jurors are deliberating the fate of that sailor, ...who stands accused of providing material support to terrorists and of leaking information about the Constellation battle group's deployment to people devoted to killing Americans. British authorities found the plans on a floppy disk in a bedroom drawer of an Azzam Publications official in 2003. Babar Ahmad directed Azzam Publications, which marketed the videos [purchased by the sailor], along with a series of related websites.

The plans included a tentative date when the battle group would pass through the narrow Straits of Hormuz and the claim that "They have nothing to stop a small craft with RPG etc. except their Seals' stinger missiles." Finally, it said, "Please destroy message."

Man, this is pretty scary stuff. Our own people supporting the Taliban? Is Admiral Smith in cahoots with the terrorists? What about Ensign Brown? There is just no way to know who might be helping our enemies.

How was Navy brass to have any clue that Signalman Paul Hill might help Islamic fundamentalists? By all the facts and evidence enlightened Westerners have available to evaluate such things, there was just no reason whatsoever to suspect Signalman Hill--er, Signalman Abu-Jihaad--might be working in cahoots with Islamic fundamentalists:

Abu-Jihaad, who was born Paul Hill and changed his name when he converted to Islam, was the only member of the U.S. Armed Forces communicating with Azzam Publications, prosecutor Stephen Reynolds said in closing arguments Monday. Azzam Publications recruited people to become mujahideen and raised money to support the Taliban in Afghanistan and Chechen rebels.
Very scary, folks. Your own grandmother is as likely to be a terrorist as anyone else. There is just no way at all to know who might be helping our Islamic fundamentalist enemies...

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