March 02, 2008

Bad News: Al Qaeda Claims Traitor Adam Gadahn is Alive

Adam Gadahn, this is how I'll always remember you. The lame Jewish kid from Orange County that couldn't get laid.

The glass half empty news? An al Qaeda spokesman claims Adam Gadahn is alive. The Nation, a Pakistani paper, one of the original sources of the rumor that Gadahn was dead:

Meanwhile, the Al-Qaeda Spokesman Ahmad Salman contradicted reports regarding killing of Ezzam Al-Americee in the recent missile attack at Khushhali Toorikhel near Mirali Town of North Waziristan Agency on January 29 last.

The Spokesman said that Ezzam Al Americee is alive.

The glass half full news? Since the announcement didn't come from "Azzam al-Amreki" himself, who is one of the most prolific makers of al Qaeda videos out there, there still remains a glimmer of hope that the "spokesman" is full of crap. I want proof of life.

Adam, if you're alive, why no video?

Thanks to the ever watchful Jimbo, who's right: he really should be writing for The Jawa.

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