March 02, 2008

Chavez Threatens War with Colombia

(Caracas, Venezuela) The New World's most prominent communist thug, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, ordered 10 tank battalions to the frontier with Colombia and mobilized the air force while breaking off diplomatic relations.

The Venezuelan embassy in Bogota was closed and the staff was recalled.

The moves were in response to Colombia's damaging air and ground attack on a FARC rebel camp in the Ecuadoran jungle which killed an important Marxist leader, Raul Reyes.

On Saturday, Mr Chavez warned Colombia against doing the same in Venezuela because he would interpret it as a "cause for war."

On Sunday, he said he would send Russian-made fighter jets into US ally Colombia if its troops struck in Venezuela.

The leftist, anti-US Mr Chavez has been in a diplomatic dispute with his ideological opposite, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, for months because of the Venezuelan's mediation with FARC rebels over their hostages. Mr Uribe has accused Mr Chavez of using the mediation to meddle in Colombian affairs.

On Sunday, Mr Chavez accused Mr Uribe of lying about the details of the operation that killed the rebel in Ecuador, where the leftist government of President Rafael Correa is a close Venezuelan ally. He called it a "cowardly assassination" of a "good revolutionary."

In a nutshell, Chavez has lost one of his Marxist allies and has reacted by beating the war drums. Ominously, Venezuela is getting close to invading another country.

On another note, it's clear that Hugo Chavez is working closely with communist rebel groups in other South American countries. His reaction to Reyes' death indicates they were much more than distant acquaintances.

Also worthy of contemplation, if Chavez starts a shooting war with Colombia, what will all his Hollywood buddies say?

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