March 01, 2008

Berkeley Anti-Marine Protester Sign "Live Like Pigs Die Like Pigs"

From LGF

Zombie captured the ugliness and down right creepiness of this socialist protesting the Marines in Berkeley yesterday.


The sign has a website I checked it out and this is part of their "about us" page.

The International Bolshevik Tendency (IBT) is a revolutionary socialist organization founded by former cadres of the international Spartacist tendency (today the International Communist League).[....]

We urgently seek to participate in a process of international regroupment of revolutionary cadres on the basis of the program of authentic Trotskyism, as a step toward the long overdue rebirth of the Fourth International, World Party of Socialist Revolution.

I searched also for the slogan "Live like pigs, die like pigs" and found a statement dated November 12, 1983 from this group. Read it here. I believe this person was also protesting the US dispatching ships to patrol the Lebanon coastline.

So Bezerkeley is now part of the Socialist Revolution? Who would have thunk..teh

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