February 29, 2008

US Navy To Send 3 Ships to Mediterranean

Columbia Tribune


The U.S. military said yesterday the Navy was sending at least three ships, including an amphibious assault ship, to the eastern Mediterranean Sea in a show of strength during a period of tensions with Syria and political uncertainty in Lebanon.

Hezbollah denounced the deployment and said today it won’t be intimidated, while the U.S.-backed Lebanese government distanced itself from the military move.

"We did not request any warships from any party," U.S.-backed Prime Minister Fuad Saniora said, hours after the United States announced it was sending ships off Lebanon to promote regional stability.

The US is just providing comfort and reminding adversaries we will be there in case of crisis. Hezbollah is in a huff over it and wants Saniora's government to reject our beautiful ships. Hezbollah wants the area all to themselves including the government of Beirut.

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