February 26, 2008

US Muslim Helps Convicted Felon and al-Qaeda Supporter Adbullah al-Faisal

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Via The Sun:

Evil Adbullah al-Faisal, 44, jailed here in 2003 for soliciting the murder of Jews and Americans, is mounting an internet campaign from his homeland Jamaica...

He is now raising cash from followers so he can carry on his wicked doctrine on the web.

In an interview posted on an extremist British website, he defends terrorism and appeals for funds for equipment to broadcast online and to pay for an international “lecture tour”.

He says Allah will “reward” those who donate...

His speeches had a deep influence on the four 7/7 suicide bombers who murdered 52 London commuters in 2005.

The "extremist British website" is http://islambase.co.uk, a site Jawa readers should be very familiar with.

The interview is posted here.

Adbullah al-Faisal from the interview: I was accused of inciting racial hatred or inciting murder as well as murder, because they claim that Jihad is murder. Now the infidels would like to carry out ethnic cleansing against Muslims in order to usurp our natural resources. That is on their agenda, so any cleric, any sheik who preaches self defense, they say that this self defense is actually murder.
Self defense, eh? So just what does Adbullah al-Faisal consider "self defense"?
The Telegraph:Sheikh Abdullah El-Faisal, who used what police called a "cloak of piousness" to urge his followers to kill non-Muslims..

...When police raided his east London home they found videos and tapes with such titles as No Peace with the Jews and Declaration of War. Muslims were urged to kill "non-believers" among whom he counted Jews, Hindus and Americans.

The cover of one £2 cassette had a picture of the World Trade Centre in flames. Another included a translation of an Osama bin Laden speech instructing young extremists to wage a holy war against Jews and the West.

According to the prosecution, El-Faisal even suggested fueling nuclear power stations with the bodies of Hindus to be slaughtered for their "oppression" of Muslims in Kashmir.

As we have reported earlier:
The forum on which Izzadeen and other Bakri followers now congregate is called "Islam Base". Al Qaeda literally means, "the Base".
But wait the interview is also being carried on another website. The interview was conducted by American Muslim Yousef al-Kattab and the interview is also being streamed by his site revolutionmuslim.com. Yousef al-Khattab is an American Muslim in New York.

So here we have the American Muslim, Yousef al-Khattab (born Joseph Cohen) assisting al-Qaeda supporter Adbullah al-Faisal, who has been tried, convicted, and deported from Britain for incitement to commit murder> Khattab is helping spread al-Faisal's message of hate, raise funds, and support for al-Qaeda. Doing so on a website who's name is inspired by al-Qaeda [qaeda = base in Arabic]. The site that has been repeatedly shown to distribute al-Qaeda literature.

Adbullah al-Faisal has been banned from Britain and banned from preaching there. But much like Omar Bakri Mohammed, he is using the global network of cyber supporters to get his message into Britain via the internet.

We were able to take Yousef al-Khattab's website offline for about 24 hours recently due to anti-semitic hate speech. But the site was reinstated after modifications were made to the content of the site.


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So far Yousef has been very careful about what he says, so he can avoid being taken down or arrested. Even though Adbullah al-Faisal is not on the list of designated terrorists, al-Qaeda is. Attempting to raise funds, and distribute propaganda for the purpose of bringing new brainwashed recruits to al-Qaeda violates US law. Assisting the banned cleric Adbullah al-Faisal to spread his message in Britain is a violation of British law.


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