February 25, 2008

Pakistan Bans Youtube


Via CNN:

Pakistan has become the latest country to block access to the video-sharing Web site YouTube on the grounds that one or more videos on the site offend Islam, authorities said Monday.

The Pakistani government is also asking YouTube to remove "objectionable content," said Nabiha Mehmood, a spokeswoman for the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority.

If YouTube removes the video or videos that concern Pakistan, she said, the government may once again let its people post and view video clips.

It is unclear what the video or videos in question depict, but a PTA official, who asked not to be identified, told the Associated Press that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority blocks Web sites that show controversial drawings of the Prophet Mohammed.

Oh the Irony, an attempt by Pakistan to block Muhammad cartoons on youtube will also block the thousands upon thousands of copies of terrorist propaganda!


I was almost upset that Pakistan blocked Youtube there for a minute. But considering the infestation of pro al-Qaeda propaganda on Youtube and Youtube's poor performance in removing pro terror users and videos. I've decided that the ban will block far more pro al-Qaeda propaganda than videos that are offensive to Islam.

Pakistan is a market where al-Qaeda seeks to radicalize and recruit young Muslims through their presence on the web. Any reduction in the amount of al-Qaeda propaganda available there is welcome in my book.

Oh and by the way, Attn. Youtube user blacktiger8888. Buh bye!


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