February 25, 2008

Iraq: Signs of Political Progress

Many on the left now concede we've won militarily in Iraq, but continue to argue Iraq is a lost cause because of little or no political progress which could lead to long term peace. So, what of this elusive political progress? Bill Ardolino has some answers.

A related cover story from NRO titled "Re-Liberators":

This small, rural village in Diyala Province north of Baghdad experienced a revolution a month ago. Hamada had been controlled by al-Qaeda and its band of teenage killers, who terrorized the place. Qaeda imams took over the mosques and people stopped going. The mayor of the nearby city of Muqdadiya lived here until al-Qaeda blew up his house and he fled. The village became a ghost town.

Then, for the first time in five years of war, U.S. troops showed up. They captured key Qaeda leaders, and the rest ran away. Local citizens formed a makeshift security force, and people returned to the streets. Suddenly it was a new day.

Shhhhh, don't tell the 'reality based community'.

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