February 22, 2008

Radical Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi At It Again. Danish Cartoons


Gulf Times

Earlier Egyptian Muslim scholar Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi cried foul [see video below]when he was denied a visa from Great Britain. The reason for the denial is his justification of terrorist acts such as suicide bombings. He has said "it is ok to blow oneself up if you kill a Jew". See: "When radical Muslims get their own youtube."

He is best known for his al Jazeera program "Shariah and Life". He is a nasty fellow and also has been banned from entering the US since 1999.

Now al-Qaradawi is calling on all Muslim countries to "openly express" their protest at the "offending" cartoons. He stated:

We cannot accept any kind of apology from the Danish government about the cartoons lampooning our Prophet. [national lampoon..teh] We do not even have the right to do that because insulting the Prophet is an unforgivable act[Danes beware-- remember homeless cartoonist?]. There should be a political protest from our politicians and leaders. They should defend their Prophet he said.
He is also calling for boycotts of Danish products and "peaceful" demonstrations. I don't believe al-Qaradawi knows the meaning of the word "peaceful".

Caution, PC in video. Evil Zionist Neocon plot undertones. Oh, and the evil joooos.

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