February 22, 2008

Video: Kosovo Muslims Desecrate Serbian Church

The video is old, and I would send you over to CNS to watch it but frankly I can't find it there. It purports to be of Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) soldiers desecrating a Serbian Orthodox Christian church.

Before you get all frantic about this as proof Kosovo's Muslims are out to wipe out Christianity and institute sharia law, I'd encourage you to remember that this kind of thing worked both ways during the war and the video appears to be old. I'd guess it's from between 1997-1999, the height of the conflict. This kind of church desecration was probably just as common as Serbs desecrating mosques.

I'm no fan of the thugs in the KLA, but this is the least of their atrocities.

Thanks to Marked Manner for the e-mail.

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