February 22, 2008

Obama's Afghanistan BS

UPDATE: A response to ABC's Jake Tapper "vindication" of Obama here: ABC "Fact Checks" by ... Quoting Same Unamed Source as Obama!

Also, changed name of this post to "Obama's Afghanistan BS" from "Obama's Afghanistan lie" as it was pointed out, rightly, that while the story is untrue, that he himself believed it. Good point.

George Castanza was right, "It's not a lie if you believe it."

Obama charged last night that troops in Afghanistan actually have to [or had to] capture Taliban ammunition and weapons in order to fight, since they were sent improperly equipped.

Looks like Barrack Obama's source for the info was Scott Thomas Beauchamp.

UPDATE: Allah has video here, and Ace is calling shenanigans.

UPDATE: Cop the Truth:

I have never, ever heard a rifle platoon being split up and sent to two different theaters of war.
Flopping Aces:
If they are so underequipped how in the hell are they able to capture all these weapons in the first place? Just going up and asking the Taliban for em?
I asked Matt from Blackfive what he thought of this and he says he'll have something posted later in the morning since his go to guy on Afghanistan is on West Coast time, but he thinks that Obama is getting his information from far-left anti-war activists such as VoteVets or IVAW.

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