February 21, 2008

Moroccan Islamist Party Tied to .... al Qaeda Terror Plot [UPDATE: Shocka-- plot to kill Jews]

Mustapha_Moatassim.jpgYesterday it came out that one of those rounded up in an al Qaeda terrorist plot in Morocco was a correspondent for Hezbollah's al Manar TV, Abdel Hafiz al-Saryati. Today we find out that another one of the 32 arrested over the past several days was the leader of an Islamist party, Mustapha Moatassim [right].

A reporter for a TV station owned and operated by a foreign Islamist party was arrested. The leader of a domestic Islamist party was arrested. Both parties officially claim they do not support al Qaeda's tactics, if not their goals.... are we seeing a pattern here?

The party, al Badil al Hadari, has now been banned by Morocco.

The party's website is still operational here. The party's platform is "freedom, equality, justice, democracy"--by which, of course, they mean none of the above as their ultimate goal is the implementation of sharia law.

And what kind of political cartoon would you expect at the top of the English language home page of a Moroccan Islamist party? Maybe something lampooning Morocco's president? Maybe something lampooning Moroccan secular society?

Of course not, what is the most important issue to all Islamists? The Israeli butchers, of course!


Par for the course. But their Arabic page offers more insight. What do they think of 9/11? Inside job, of course. The establishment of a Palestinian state in "all of Palestine", i.e. the eradication of the "Zionist entity". Etc., etc, etc.

Good riddance, Mustapha. Good riddance.

UPDATE: Given the party's website cited above, would it shock you to learn that the plot also included plans to exterminate Morocco's few remaining Jews?


Morocco has banned the Al Badil Al Hadari party after the authorities linked its leader to a "terrorist network," the prime minister's office said.

Mustapha Moastassim, the party's leader, was among 32 people arrested by police earlier this week suspected of involvement in planning attacks against Moroccan targets.

Abbas El Fassi's office said in statement that were "serious indications of the involvement of the party's main leaders" in the alleged network.

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